Guidelines For The International Golf Travel Market

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International Golf Travel Market is one of the major golf events each year and an exciting one golf tour operators and exhibitors from around the world. based on the excellent results of the event,

Journey International Golf Market (IGTM) is a world-class event with more than a decade of experience in the field of golf tourism. while IGTM is the perfect platform for golf resorts, golf hotels and tour operators to create an international appeal, the most valid reason for its popularity is the fact that it allows only pre-registered buyers and qualify to participate in exclusive events. however, despite its limitations and filtration buyers, the show still see the flood of more than 350 qualified international buyers from all 40 major markets in Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

International Golf Travel Market is an important platform for buyers and exhibitors. the buyer can use this event as an opportunity to review the more than 400 golf courses, resorts, hotels and tourist boards in different global objectives, they also can be part of a gala dinner at the prestigious awards ceremony last night.

The selected venue, Marbella Conference and Exhibition Centre provides easy access for international visitors. While Andalucia has six international airports, the airport closest to the center of malaga marbella. Bus trip from the airport to the venue takes about 45 minutes, at a cost of about EUR4. Visitors can also use the taxi services are relatively cheap in Spain, however, take a taxi to the center will still be charged up to EUR50.

Accommodation is easily available in many hotels, guesthouses and inns that provide visitors with many options to suit all budgets and needs. while the international golf travel market easier for visitors to choose their accommodation with a list of nine hotels that can meet different demands, there is another option for visitors right from the expensive and luxurious suite for cost-friendly, hygienic rooms that the city can offer.

Four days before placing a trade show IGTM exhibitors a great opportunity to develop their international clients, while visitors can benefit from information about the best golf destination, resort vacations and getaways all promoted on a single platform.