Tips Travel Sales Marketing

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Sales representatives in the travel trade have one thing in common, that is step out and take the business through the door.
begin by first knowing your product, get to know your customers and their needs seriously.

And now I will give you some tips on how to make them feel special when they walked in.

If you do not have the information your customers want at the destination they want to travel, you should find the information and send it to them. using writing and deliver to the post or delivered by courier to send the information to them with a brochure or price quotation is attached,
pay attention to your customers. hold all calls, and do not make eye contact with another customer while attending one in front of you, there's nothing wrong with acknowledging them with a nod and a smile, but do not spoil them. concentrate on the person sitting in front of you, and ask them to remain calm. you must appear to control for them to have confidence in the way they are dealing rep.
So? when you get all the stress of your work in the trade trip, remember to stay calm and put your customers first. prospecting for new customers, in this industry in particular, is not as simple as ABC. find the angle you have not cottoned competitors and exploit to your advantage. but remember? personal touch and attention to detail is absolutely critical to your success in the travel industry.